You Won’t See These Transformations Coming!

Friday 15th of December is just around the corner! As we are getting ready to throw the Ultimate TGIF, we have just one question for you…

How well do you know your colleagues?

At The Unofficial Christmas Party, we can assure you, those colleagues you think you know so well, will surprise you!

Here is a preview.


When they become the life of the party

The Unofficial Christmas Party brings out your inner party animal for the best night of the year! It’s allowed

When her Competitive Side Comes Out!

Our entertaining team bonding activities get your team to step up!  We help you create connections and memories that will last a lifetime.

When he transforms into Mr. Smooth!

Our themes, from 007, to Owambé last year, and finally #PartyinWhite this year, allow you to see your clients colleagues in a different light! You’ll find that they clean up pretty well when networking and a good time are involved.

When the Dancing King and Queen get started

Last year it was ‘Mad Over You’, this year will it be ‘All Over’? No matter which song, you’ll get to watch your colleagues lead everyone to the dance floor and whip out the latest moves to perfection!
This is a great time to BOOK A TABLE FOR YOUR TEAM, we’re selling out quickly!

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