What is TUeXPo?

  • TUeXPo (The Unofficial Christmas Party Expo) is a high level exhibition of product and service offerings from corporate brands in the tech sector taking place at The Unofficial Christmas Party 2019
  • TUeXPo is all about reaching for an extra sensory and hyper realistic experience that keeps guests immersed in your brand and curious about what comes next. We are taking our guests into the future. 
  • The essence of TUeXPo is to have our guests which are mostly c-level executives and  decision makers of over 100 organizations in Nigeria, see and interact with the showcase, thus giving exhibitor’s direct access to the appropriate target audience
  • All booths will be designed and constructed in line with the theme of the event.
  • The dimension of each booth is 3 by 6 sq/m.

TUeXPo Benefits

  • Raise Brand awareness: Despite the various means of advertisement and sponsorship opportunities, TUeXPo is a unique way to raise your company profile and generate brand awareness for product and service offerings.
  • Network: Access to the CEO’s lounge with over 100 C-level executives and decision-makers from different organizations; a great way to meet and market to potential customers and suppliers.
  • Launch A New Product: This is a good platform to introduce a new product or service with the opportunity to explain your offering in person and answer questions.
  • A Personal Touch: Face-to-face interaction and instant feedback with the attendee demographic which consists of staff of corporate brands from a range of industries.
  • Grow Your Database: With the number of attendees we host at The Unofficial Christmas Party year in year out, there is an opportunity to grow your marketing database for 2020.

TUeXPo Categories


    • A 3×6 sqm exhibition booth.
    • 1 executive table + 2 CEO Lounge passes inclusive.


    • A 3×6 sqm exhibition booth.
    • 2 CEO Lounge passes

Please contact 08140171815 or send an email to lets.party@theunofficialchristmasparty.com for payment plans and multiple table sale discounts.