The Unofficial Christmas Party unveils plans for employee engagement at it’s Preview event at The Wheatbaker Lagos.

The Unofficial Christmas Party (TUXP) has unveiled plans for its yearly employee engagement programme.

TUXP is an end of year celebration that motivates and rewards hard working individuals in companies to achieve a sense of glamour and excitement thereby providing networking business opportunities.

MD, H.C. Bonum, Lanre Onasanya (left); CEO, The Unofficial Christmas Party (TUCP), Funmilayo Victor Okigbo and CEO, Discovery Brands, Uche Nwankwo during the TUCP 2017 Preview Breakfast at The Wheatbaker, Lagos

Speaking to key industry leaders at the TUXP 2017 Preview Breakfast meeting at the Wheatbaker Lagos yesterday, Managing Director of H.C Bonum, Lanre Onasanya, stressed the need for employers to engage their workers who gave their best performance in the business year.

He said employees make their best discretionary effort when newly employed, which leads greater performance and better business results.


“The little things we do as employers of labour or as teammates enable people to give their discretionary efforts. TUXP is one of those things. The event is more than just a party. You get to mix with people from other businesses, compete with them, which build team spirit, party and network.

“It is a good investment because your employees are happy, they become engaged and they give discretionary efforts, which leads to better performance,” he added.

Chief Executive Officer and Production Designer, TUXP, Funmi Victor Okigbo, said the event with the theme: ‘Party In White’ was slated for December 15, 2017.

It is poised to meet the demands of small and medium scale businesses, which cannot afford to host their workers on an expensive end of the year party.

She disclosed that the idea of the event would get bigger, go global and would be on the corporate calendars of every business.







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