How Deep Is Your Love

That’s the question every team lead asks before he buys a table. So we thought we’d shed some light on the awesomeness that awaits you on Friday, December 14th 2018, just in case you need more convincing.

Challenge Accepted 

You know what is so much more fun than discussing Q3 results? Watching your Team Lead attempt to tie Gele! Every year we come up with a CEO Challenge to get your competitive juices flowing.

Picture Perfect

If you think your outfit is special, wait until you see the rest of your team. It’s the team picture you’ve been waiting for all year!

You Deserve This

There’s nothing quite like celebrating your team mates that have gone over and beyond this year. The Employee-of-the-Year award is the perfect way to do it.

Is That All You Got?

You need to see your team on the dancefloor and not just any dancefloor, the TUXP Dancefloor…something comes over them!

See you at
A Night at Studio 54

⭐⭐ Retro, Disco, Glam ⭐⭐


If You’re ready to take the next step. Tables are already on Sale! Call 08162908378 or 08061139049, email or book now at

Ring My Bell!

Guess who’s back for the 5th Year in a row! On Friday December 14th get ready for a blowout 5th birthday celebration of The Unofficial Christmas Party. That’s right, it’s been five fulfilling years of helping you celebrate your team, your clients, and the remarkable work you’ve done in the year.


What’s the theme for this year you might ask? First, let’s take a walk down memory lane


Year 1



Year 2 – 007

Lagos has a smooth side after all


Year 3 – Owambe!

Complete with live performances from the legendary Shina Peters!


Year 4 – #PartyInWhite

Seriously, guests are still talking about the After party


Year 5….(We Think It’ll Be the Best One Yet!)

Hold on…our logo needs some Studio 54 Glam for this year? See what we came up with below. What do you think?

Tables are already on Sale! Get your tickets at

For enquiries, Call 08162908378 or 08061139049 or email